By that stage, young Vince was married to Theresa

To my eyes, this seems in binoculars like an oval necklace of stars. Putting off the bottom of the necklace is a fuzzy watching jewel with a bigger one under that, the Double Cluster right. The clusters could show up first as fuzzy edged smudges, however consistent hands or tripod installed binoculars permit the eye to parent dozens of the character stars that make up the clusters.

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It’s moving closer and then, oh my god, it’s a bear. It’s a black bear. It’s not too big but it’s big enough to scare Kay. As always a huge thank you must go to the army of supporters who followed the team down to Cashel, and hopefully a similar number can get behind the team next Saturday wherever that may be. The club are looking to put together a new management team for the 2013 season due to the current management stepping down at the end of the All Ireland series. We will play AFL3 and Intermediate championship in 2013, having won AFL4 and the Junior A championship in 2012.

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