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Just look at the statistics. According to Oprah, Match registers 20,000 new users everyday, while eHarmony has 200,000 active members. Then there are countless others who use Tinder and similar apps on their cellular devices to hook up, prompted by nothing but a cute face and a sexy name on their screen.

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We often think of our cars as sentient beings, even going so far as giving them names and referring to them as gender specific pronouns. We talk to them, asking them questions and then amusingly enough, sitting there as if waiting for an answer. If you notice that your car is making some oddball noises, including what sounds like a growling beast of some sort, you may be looking at car alternator problems rather than a suddenly jolt of life from your vehicle.

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It’s no surprise that breakups are tough you’re facing a horribly difficult situation and if you’re looking to repair your broken relationship you need to pull out all the stops. If you are really interested in getting your ex boyfriend back, now is not the time to go psycho in fact, it is never the time to go psycho. Put that thought out of your mind there are more important (and more reliable) methods out there..

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