You will not know that your niche might be too broad

On March 11 2011, Japans earthquake was the worst to hit in the countries history. It was so bad infact, over 20 other countries were under tsunami alerts. A recent update on Japans earthquake said that the magnitude of the quake was 8.9. The Probate Code defines the standards that judges use in deciding who will be the children guardians. While the first priority is to a surviving parent, the next priority is to those persons who have been nominated by the parents to act as guardians. This priority is higher than the claims of anyone else, regardless of whether they are related to the children..

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This project is supported by a Lackawanna County Community Arts and Culture Grant, a program of the Lackawanna County Commissioners Corey D. O’Brien, Jim Wansacz and Patrick O’Malley. The event is hosted by The Office of Equity and Diversity, Education for Justice, The Jesuit Center, Office of Community and Government Relations,Peace and Justice and the History Departments of The University of Scranton..

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