I just go out there and focus on football

It is his shtick and it has made him millions (which says something about how gullible our society is). It has made him so much money that he is being considered as a potential buyer of the Saint Louis Rams.The city of Saint Louis desperately wants to keep the Rams (I know, I know I don’t know why either) and Limbaugh may be their best bet to make that happen.Unfortunately the quality that has afforded Limbaugh the financial assets to be an NFL owner is the same quality that should make it a no brainer why he shouldn’t be allowed in the league.Rush Limbaugh is an egomaniac who can’t help himself when it comes to making conversational statements. There is no way that he would be a “silent” owner.Limbaugh couldn’t last on ESPN for three weeks before offending his co workers and the league with his comments about the media wanting Donovan McNabb to succeed because he is black.Is this the person you want to be a face of the franchise?Even if you believe, like I do, that Limbaugh is just a “blowhard” it doesn’t change the fact his comments can be very insensitive to the public as a whole.Roger Goodell claims that one of his major concerns with the NFL is its image.

Like before, Ray shows a great first step and uses his speed to get around the edge before the tackle can cut him off. Ray shows good strength, holding off the tackle as he turns the corner. Like the last play, Ray attacks the throwing arm, knocking the ball loose for a sack fumble.

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It is not clear cut either way. Manning’s supporters contend that he still has some potential greatness left in him, and that could come out once he rests long enough for his body to heal. But that perhaps ignores the reality of the season that Manning is having: nine touchdown passes, 17 interceptions and a 67.6 passer rating..

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wholesale jerseys Further explaining his point about the system he played in, Smith said, “The system is not a downhill system where I just come off the ball and rush the passer every play. In the SEC, you’ve got to be smart in how you play. We play a lot of zone read teams, and you can’t just rush up the field wholesale jerseys.

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