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Bur righties, let this be a lesson to you to start from the left side, or learn to draw without letting your hand touch the paper. It’s harder than it sounds. If the background is too smudgy looking, you can always paint over it with black acrylic paint, which i’ve done in a couple of my drawings..

Have you ever stopped and thought about the thing that inspires you the most? The answer to this question is complex yet simple. It is a general notion that people who are really inspired are mostly successful. This belief is far away from the truth and need to be enlightened.

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A major reason why Seattle fans have been clamoring for the team name, logo and colors is because the next step is buying Kraken gear. The good news is you can get outfitted online in minutes and at the same time make a positive difference in the lives of some of our region’s most vulnerable youth. That’s the swag moment we’ve all been waiting for and it comes with a significant bonus: The Seattle Kraken will invest 100 percent of net proceeds into the community, partnering with YouthCare to end youth homelessness, along with other nonprofits serving the underserved Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the Greater Seattle region..

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