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Developing a set bedtime routine can really help get your mind and body in the mood for sleep. Try and go to bed at the same time and follow the same routine for the half an hour or so before you settle down. Maybe have a bath or listen to calming quiet music as you clean your face and brush your teeth.

Muddler minnows mimic a wounded minnow. They are made of elk hair and large feathers, with silver ribbon tied around the shank of the hook adding flash. These flies have the movement and lifelike appearance of a minnow, with the flash that can attract a large fish from a large distance or in murky water..

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Shutter speed refers to how long the shutter, or mechanism in your camera that controls when light hits the sensor (formerly film), is open. For this reason, shutter speed is measured in time, such as 1/25th of a second. Meanwhile, aperture refers to the diameter of the lens opening and is measured in f stops (for example, f/2.8) where the smaller the number, the larger the lens opening is.

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