The RX 590 product name makes almost as much sense

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cheap jerseys Benchmark scores for 3D Mark’s Time Spy have surface, and are purported to represent the performance level of an unidentified “Generic VGA” which is being identified as AMD’s new 12 nm Polaris revision. The RX 590 product name makes almost as much sense as it doesn’t, though; for one, there’s no real reason to release another entire RX 600 series, unless AMD is giving the 12 nm treatment to the entire lineup (which likely wouldn’t happen, due to the investment in fabrication process redesign and node capacity required for such). As such, the RX 590 moniker makes sense if AMD is only looking to increase its competitiveness in the sub $300 space as a stop gap until they finally have a new graphics architecture up their shader sleeves.. cheap jerseys

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