When citizens mistakenly believe their votes don

Based on a strong recommendation by prominent professional sports executive, Jerry Colangelo, Brown pursued Sonju. Brown offered Norm a position running the team, telling him that he would not make the investment in the rest of the franchise unless he agreed to join the Buffalo organization as its president and general manager. He also sweetened the offer with a 7 percent ownership option..

The University of Houston continues to garner national recognition in academics, campus life and athletics. In the past year alone, UH has added a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, defeated some of the nation’s best football teams, and been recognized again as one of the nation’s most diverse campuses. And President Renu Khator has her eyes set on another leadership position for UH: the top spot for universities that receive matching contributions from ExxonMobil..

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Allegations of voter fraud, especially those which aren backed by data, are considered harmful because they can diminish voter turnout. When citizens mistakenly believe their votes don matter, they feel less inclined to cast a ballot. Nevertheless, recent voter turnout figures have been higher than the historical average.

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