This series also has an iconic image: Allan

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Add in that it’s based on a true story Bobby Plump’s buzzer beater for tiny Milan High in the 1954 state championship and subtle touches such as Hickory’s final opposing coach being portrayed by Ray Crowe the real life coach of Oscar Robertson’s Crispus Attucks team that Milan defeated in the final and you have something that’s worth replaying annually this month. Matt Rennie (see review)”Love Basketball” (2000) Amazon A coming of age story that features romance, a “big game,” family drama and a black female former tomboy protagonist? They designed this movie in a lab just for me! Alexa Steele (see review)”Space Jam” (1996) Amazon, Netflix As a basketball crazed fourth grader, I thought “Space Jam” was the pinnacle of filmmaking. (I later found out it did not win a single Academy Award a true travesty.) Teaming Michael Jordan with the stars from Saturday morning cartoons combined my two loves and led to me watching my VHS copy at least a hundred times. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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