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The Minnesota Vikings will name their starter Wednesday for Week 11’s improbable marquee matchup, even though their prior starter is healthy and they’re 7 2, runaway favorites in the NFC North. Everybody expects Keenum will start against the Los Angeles Rams. Zimmer wouldn’t make it official because of the return of the Vikings’ original starting quarterback, back before their quarterback situation spun into confusion..

That said, the more motes that you bank at one time (up to 15 can be carried by a single Guardian) the more powerful an AI controlled enemy you’ll send to stand over the other team’s bank. (Motes cannot be deposited as long as an enemy is standing in the vicinity of a bank.) Furthermore, once a team has banked 25 motes a portal opens up allowing one team member to invade the other side. Doing so allows the team’s invader to either collect additional motes by downing other players or, if the opposing team has already summoned a Primeval, to heal it..

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Looking beyond sacks alone, PFF had Orakpo tied with John Abraham for fifth in pass rushing productivity, behind Buffalo’s Jerry Hughes, Baltimore’s Elvis Dumervil and the Chiefs’ Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. Paul Kruger got a five year, $41 million deal from the Browns, an average of more than $8 million a season. The Eagles gave Connor Barwin a six year, $36 million deal, the Dolphins five and $26 million to Phillip Wheeler and the Colts four and $16 million to Erik Walden..

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