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He took a stand knowing that some would criticize him, and he has been viciously and unfairly criticized. He has been called a traitor, because too many people in this country confuse dissent for disloyalty. He took a stand knowing some would even threaten him, and he has had his life threatened, which is why, though we are profoundly honored to have him here, we didn’t publicize his presence tonight.”.

“I continue to hear that Mitchell Trubisky is square in consideration, and may turn out to be the No. 1 pick,” Schefter said. “Now I know everyone thinks Myles Garrett’s going to be the pick, and I will not be surprised if that’s the case (Thursday) night.

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Today PaperCommentYour SayOpinionSend a Letter to the EditorPromo CodesCronulla will meet Valentine Holmes in the coming days with the star fullback reportedly wanting to quit the NRL to try to make the NFL. Holmes has told Cronulla he hopes to move to the US to follow in the footsteps of Jarryd Hayne and attempt to make it in American football, according to News Corp Australia. The Sharks fullback has spent time in the United States over the off season and, according to the report, viewed a NFL franchise on his trip.

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wholesale jerseys from china Now, many fans reacted poorly to the statement, seeing it as the team publicly picking a fight with its captain. But other fans had what I assume was the intended reaction: They thought Cousins seemed either greedy for not accepting the team’s offer, or uninterested in signing any long term deal with Washington. And so it follows that those fans thought more poorly of Cousins at the end of business Tuesday than they had at the beginning of the day wholesale jerseys from china.

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