See to it that you opt for a profession that will

The low milk prices over the past five years forced on the dairy farmers, from the USDA, then the loss and devastation of the fire, have really taken a toll on the morale and finances on the farm. Trying to replace equipment and then build a new building has been very challenging. As we see prices skyrocketing for supplies and services that are used on the farm, we see plummeting prices and some of the lowest prices paid to the dairy farmers in years.

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First you must recognize truthfully and honestly where you lack. You may lack in several areas of discipline, but it’s important that you figure these places out. Perhaps you do spend too much time goofing off on the computer instead of doing work. Yakov (a very good Dave Davis) has just left his tight knit Hassidic community in New York. He is struggling financially so reluctantly accepts a job as a shomer, sitting with the body of recently deceased Buchenwald survivor, Mr Litvak whose wife (Lynn Cohen) has Alzheimer’s. However, when Yakov arrives she is lucid enough to know that he has something to fear..

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