They don’t call the workers rough necks for nothing

When a person uses a bail bond to get out of jail, they are released back into the world they know and are comfortable with. Whether this is their families, homes, jobs, friends, or something else, it gives a person comfort which leads to optimism and encouragement to make a change. Not only does a bail bond give a person a release from jail and sets them back into their own life, it gives a person time to prepare for court.

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It flares and fracks at will, allowing methane and open pits of benzene and other volatile organic compounds to off gas into the air. A drilling site is an ugly, smelly dangerous place. They don’t call the workers rough necks for nothing. Because of the fact that cyclists share the paths with people on foot, moving at much slower speeds, they often get a bad rap for being rude and inconsiderate. Shouting “passing on your left!” or even worse, giving no notice at all often leaves pedestrians feeling irritated and in many cases frightened and confused. The mulit use paths I often ride are a mixed bag of bikers, runners, families out for a stroll with toddlers and children on training wheels, and people out walking their dogs.

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