However, many health conscious individuals have

Our options are relegated to heavens one and two. How to go to heaven number two is simple, load a rocket with NASA and off you go; but you’ll be back because the breath of life is not up there. You’d have to come back down to reload on oxygen. I can play and I can get a Cortisone shot and try to keep going or I can have surgery.”Osemele argues that he tried to do just that but says Toradol is no longer masking the pain and that the injury has gotten worse. He’s said he re aggravated it on Aug. 5, during training camp, and again in Week 3 against the Patriots.As a result, Osemele said he’s in too much pain to play both in terms of his own physical tolerance and his on field effectiveness.”Once (Toradol) stops working and it doesn’t do anything for you any more, it’s like, ‘Now what do I do?'” Osemele said.

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