The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage

Merkel called the coronavirus outbreak the gravest crisis ever to hit the EU, and she said that bold proposals were needed. Because of the pandemic’s varying impacts across the continent, Merkel called for cohesiveness and solidarity among all EU countries. She said the current economic challenge “requires this unusual, one off effort that Germany and France are now prepared to take.”.

The state labor department has not provided an industry breakdown by region.There is still a limit of 50 people at a gathering and there is no indication when Gov. Andrew Cuomo will increase the number. Concerts, boxing matches, college basketball games, trade shows and events like graduations will be the last to reopen.”No one’s talking about the thousands of people that have no options,” Meyer said.The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, a trade union, has encouraged workers to lobby their representatives in Washington to continue the $600 benefit.Keith A.

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