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Just like an exercise treadmill. The only difference is that it moves you in all directions. When you move so does the environments so you seem to be walking. Set WeatherMedia won’t be there, either, as the coronavirus pandemic has robbed us of the opportunity to live tweet practice and overanalyze every throw Daniel Jones makes in 11 on 11 drills.In lieu of in person conversation media will eventually be allowed to watch practice. From a distance I got together with NJ Advance Media’s resident NFL reporter Darryl Slater to get a different perspective on the Giants heading into training camp.Introducing Giants Extra: Sign up for a free trial now. Get exclusive news, behind the scenes observations and the ability to text directly with reportersWell, we couldn’t actually get together I’ll be trying to “social distance” from Darryl long after the pandemic is over, frankly but we did exchange e mails about the Giants heading into training camp.Things got snippy, but a lot of ground was covered.Through this conversation, we sorted through some of the reasons Giants fans should be optimistic about the coming season, with an equal amount of pessimism mixed in, for good measure.ROSENBLATT: Hey there, Darryl.

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