He’d totaled 20 TDs and 20 interceptions over the

Zach Kram was roughly 13 years old when he thought of the perfect birthday gift for his grandfather. A young baseball fanatic, he created a statistic that was a knockoff of the then popular VORP, or value over replacement player, which measures players against a hypothetical league average counterpart. Kram called his metric VORG, or value over replacement grandpa..

Sixth round, 187th overall: Antonio Morrison, ILB, Florida Whenever I tried to watch Bullard at Florida, Morrison stood out as a thumper at middle linebacker. He lacks athleticism in coverage, which might make him only a two down linebacker at the next level. But against the run, he does an excellent job diagnosing plays, finding the gap and bursting downhill to the runner.

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Nick Foles remember him? did a nice job filling in for the injured Alex Smith during Sunday’s victory at Indianapolis. It was far from a given that he’d be able to deliver when needed. He’d totaled 20 TDs and 20 interceptions over the previous two seasons for the Eagles and Rams, that after his 27 TD, two cheap jerseys interception masterpiece of a year for Philadelphia in 2013..

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