Told the harrowing story of a 22 year old man about

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SPN Team August 26, 2015 Featured, StartupsUsingWorkHound,trucking companies can retain their drivers by improving driver experience. The mobile application enables truck drivers to share feedback praise, problems and ideas directly with carriers in real time. That feedback is turned into actionable insights truck carriers can use to enact change, and ultimately better retain their drivers.WorkHoundis currently in the middle of the Straight Shot accelerator in Omaha.

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For a property priced at 1 crore, the purchaser pays 1 crore plus 5 lakh stamp duty (at 5%). But, for the CHB property transferred through GPA, the purchaser for registering the sale deed had to pay additional 15.75 lakh as transfer charges (at 15%), explains Rajesh Kumar, a city based real estate consultant. Now with this decision, the buyer in the above quoted cases will not be charged the additional 15.75 lakh..

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