Gay men share her funniest and sweetest hookup stories

Gay men share her funniest and sweetest hookup stories

A self-described “hopeless romantic” expected their man Redditors because of their “funny/sweet hookup stories,” therefore learn how it is on line: query, therefore shall get. Check out of the best answers… or, at the least, the maximum amount of ones even as we can securely print!

The icebreaker

“This one hookup I was with was actually getting a touch of for you personally to warm up. He only bottomed several times before and was actually struggling slightly. … therefore i leaned in and whispered, ‘No homo.’ The guy made an effort to hold back the fun but couldn’t. Occasionally fun is best method to relax your own base.”

The butterflies

“we visited a fantastic lake to watch the sundown with dating app for fitness men somewhat young than myself. We discovered a wanting workbench, and that I informed your that my want got for him to kiss-me, which we performed until a haggard drunk approached you. We went back to his place in which we explored both making love for 4 days. His roommate ultimately went in, therefore we froze for some time and waited when it comes to man to-fall asleep (in identical area) before resuming. The guy … folded onto myself, where I used your — truth be told there, we butterfly kissed as the breathing totally synchronized and we drifted into rest. Haven’t seen your since. It Actually Was like a weirdly gorgeous dream.”

The check-in

“I’d a FWB in my own latest town who had been great. He’s the primary reason I became able to get always bottoming. He was more experienced and used to have me more on the sundays and we’d have actually an enjoyable experience together. I got to shot new things with him, and it got beneficial to me personally. One sweet moment specifically stands apart. I was having my earliest threesome with your and another man I was satisfying for the first time which he realized. We had been creating a great time, plus they are going at they for a little initially before my personal FWB said receive to my straight back. … He leaned in really close and kissed me personally. Subsequently, with this specific stupid smile on his face: ‘Hey.’ Me Personally: ‘Hi.’ It was like he was therefore pleased to have actually myself immediately for the reason that minute, despite the other man within the room. He had been time for some thing familiar and comfy, and it also got just as if he was saying, ‘I’ve got your.’ Like, acknowledging our very own sexual company on the greater element of annually at that point. It was only really nice and I also consider it many!”

The trip guidelines

“Last spring, we continued my first solo visit to Puerto Vallarta. During my visibility, I pointed out i needed someone to show me around. I came across up with some guy my personal years, so we performed exactly that. To my last complete day, he took me to a neighboring area on slightly investigating journey. If we got in to his house, sunlight was actually setting just right. We opened the screens inside the place, and there had been this orange hue of sun I’ll never forget [that] cleaned over their room. Ordinarily, I’d never dare perform some action making use of the house windows available, however the setting is only also great. We topped your so we cuddled up until the sun took place. Even today it’s still by far the most personal sex I’ve had with a guy. I’ll always remember they.”

The swimming captain

“I was going to a swimming fulfill at another university. The captain of that university’s team had agreed to let my team sleep on the floor of his (tiny) living room. Once we have truth be told there, we realized that there is not a chance we could all match, so he agreed to permit somebody sleep-in their place, that we got your abreast of. We installed all the way down [with a] towel as a blanket and hoodie as a pillow. The guy shut the entranceway, and after about two mins, he states, ‘You know, there’s plenty of room to my sleep.’ (it absolutely was a twin XL, so we are both 6-foot-tall swimmer guys; there seemed to be definitely not area.) The rest of that nights was… unforgettable to put it mildly, as ended up being acquiring wandered in on by one of my teammates 6 time after.”

The long-distancers

“Met a man on the internet. We invested an incredible 20 weeks along. I quickly moved to Asia. (I’m from Canada.) But I were able to encourage your to go to me personally. We’ve come collectively for more than three years now.”

1st time

“15 years ago, I had a hookup with a large, hot twink. They converted into viewing anime and cuddling. He’s my hubby now.”

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