Maybe not Jun Lin, blessedly. “I deducted that definitely it had beenn’t your.”

Maybe not Jun Lin, blessedly. “I deducted that definitely it had beenn’t your.”

So Feng contacted police to submit their ex lost, to let them understand ID had been incorrect.

As judge has actually heard, the beginning 53 seconds on the video depict another Asian man furthermore likely and tied up on Magnotta’s bed, the spot where the criminal activity allegedly took place. Lin looks afterwards in movie, for 10 minutes.

Next Leclair started their cross-examination of Feng — flown in from Asia to testify, dressed in a conventional grey match, appearing very much like the 35-year-old expert that he’s — establishing with a confusing bbw for you sign in, preemptive apology.

“i do want to promote my sympathies for your requirements for any loss of your friend. Personally I think bad for you and your friend. And therefore this is simply not about your buddy. The demo is about the condition of notice of Mr. Magnotta.”

Then it turned about Jun Lin.

“I can’t feel I’m hearing this,” objected Bouthillier, just who complained that Leclair was actually making an announcement as opposed to posing questions.

Astonishingly, it what sounded a lot more like a thinly veiled threat instead a question — the kind of wide variety authorities detectives routinely pull-on candidates when wanting to generate a confession — Leclair believed to the witness: “I want to communicate with you that it’s clear where I’m heading, that I have lots of information on (Jun Lin).

“The considerably you volunteer, the greater number of i must face your.”

What Feng got testified under direct is that he and Lin had never ever involved with slavery, that Lin got never took part in homosexual social network as they comprise with each other, but which he understood Lin got a Grindr levels. To their facts, Feng added, the internet site depicted partially naked boys.

“Full front nudity?” expected Leclair.

“Impossible. Best semi-nude.”

Feng mentioned he’d followed Lin towards the Montreal gay pub, the Sky Barr, on just one single occasion. The guy said understand nothing about one, “Emile,” Lin have presumably satisfied indeed there, with whom he’d after communicated via Skype, best period after Feng leftover for China, which they’d have intercourse.

“Does that shock you?” Leclair requested.

Feng: “We have split-up at that moment currently, so he’d all their versatility.”

Leclair proceeded: “I’m suggesting to you that there’s a lot of things you did perhaps not discover Lin Jun.”

Jury around. Jury in.

Feng later on mentioned he’d no remember of Lin uploading a picture of themselves on Valentine’s time in 2012, with purple tresses and damaged teeth according to the subject “My personal Portrait”, though Lin have done this.

Leclair in addition suggested that Jun Lin, a Concordia institution scholar working part-time as a store clerk, got some thing of a continued people. Feng settled the rent and gave Lin funds often for snacks, the experience consented.

Feng decided not to refute informing authorities, in a 2012 interview, about Lin: “he is able to hook-up with total strangers.”

But this, Feng exhausted, had been an observation made about their ex-lover after they’d split up. When collectively, he insisted their unique union was monogamous.

After detailing a few of the porno clips that Lin installed, Leclair put the matter bluntly with the witness: “Did the guy have any interest in S & M (sado-masochism)?”

“During the period I happened to be with your, he couldn’t reveal any interest in this whatsoever,” Feng responded.

Leclair started revealing Feng artwork stills from a single regarding the flicks, intense joys 2 . Feng was actually certainly disappointed because of the photographs delivered, imploring the judge: “Do i need to take a look at these images?”

Leclair put the concern once more. “Are your swearing under oath that he never talked about with you about almost anything to would with S & M?”

Feng: “we make sure.”

At 5 p.m., the observe had been finished right here, scheduled for a trip the place to find Beijing Thursday.

A guy who’d enjoyed a man and remained correct to his mind underneath the bad glare of a pitiless murder demo.

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